There were a lot of 911 specials on TV this week.  The TV specials brought back a lot of the feelings of sadness and sympathy that I felt on September 11th.  I decided to look up some photos of 911 on google, in order to pay tribute by trying paint 2 of the photos.   The third painting is totally random.  It was inspired by the movie “The Help” but it just looks like a panda or gorrilla holding a blob (Let’s face it, I was tired and didn’t feel like putting in the effort to do a good job on this one.  Oh well).

Hello all!  Here are two more paintings.  Yesterday I was feeling drab.  I felt like an immoble blob stuck on the floor with darkness radiating towards me.  I decided to turn my frown upside down and envision myself with light and positivity radiating from me.  The thought worked so this is the painting that that was inspired by this positive thought.  The second picture is just me experimenting with Kandinsky-esque abstract painting.


I’ve been feeling like garbage lately so I really haven’t been painting daily.  Today I felt good so I cranked out a few pictures to get back into the swing of things.  Here you go…



Here are the paintings from the dates listed above.  I was sick for a few days, so I had to paint several paintings in one night to play catch-up.

This one is a watercolor inspired by a Kandinsky that I saw in an art book.  I think that I will try to repaint this one in oil.  The paintings below are two more watercolors that I painted because I was out of canvas to paint oil paintings on.

I later found a great deal on canvases at Michael’s Store.  I got a 7 pack of canvases for $19!  What a  deal.  The paintings below were either inspired by dreams brought on by my fever or inspired by television that I watched when I was resting in bed.

Hi friends.  I’ve been sick and getting sicker for like 4 days now.  I’m going to the doctor to figure out what’s wrong.  I’ve got a fever and body aches so needless to say I haven’t been painting and won’t until I get better.  I hope to be well soon after getting some antibiotics and chugging a lot of chicken soup.  Take care and lift me up in prayer.  Being sick sucks!

I still  had smoke and flames on the brain so I painted this watercolor picture of a man with his head on fire.  I think that I will add some char to the neck.  It really doesn’t make any sense to have your head on fire with not charring on  the neck or smoke for that matter :).


I know that I said that I was calling it quits on painting in watercolor.  However, I don’t have anymore canvas paper or canvases left for oil paintings.  Therefore I need to make another crack at painting in watercolor.  This morning when I woke up, I remembered having a colored smoke (like incense) forming the shape  of a person’s upper body.  It was almost like that of a genie forming from a genie lamp.  However, the person’s upper body was solid, but their head formed from colored smoke emanating from their neck.   I thought that it would make a good picture.

Later on today I went to Ham-bingo at Hamburger Mary’s restaurant in Andersonville for the first time.  The rainbow colors from the smoke in the figure from my dream reminded me of the rainbow colors in the pride flags at Hamburger Mary’s.  At that realization, I decided that I should go home and paint this picture since I wasn’t winning at Bingo after 5 straight games.  So here you go… Today’s picture is a watercolor painting on half a sheet of 8″x11″ paper.

I finished the dragon tattoo painting that I started yesterday.  I decided to make the dragons red and yellow, because that was the color of the dragon in the japanese art book.  It would have taken too much time to figure out how to paint the dragon in blue and green in the way that I saw the dragon tattoo in my dream.  By the way I did a google search to see if Adam Levine had a dragon tattoo, and the verdict is no.  He has a bunch of other tattoos covering his arm.  It would be funny if his next tattoo ends up being a dragon.  The picture is an oil painting on a 16″x20″ canvas.

Adam Levine

I had the best intentions of getting a lot of errands done today, but somehow time got away from me.  Today painting is another striped painting with a little more color.  I actually intended to start and finish another picture for today.  Yesterday I had a crazy dream that Adam Levine (lead singer of the rock band Maroon 5) had a new huge green and blue tattoo of a two Chinese dragons swirling around each other in a circular yin-yang fashion.  When I woke up I thought, “wow that would make a great painting”.  Fast forward to this afternoon.  I went to the library to look at more art books.  I checked out a book on Japanese art.  Guess what I saw?  As I flipped through the book I came across a picture of a round stringed instrument with two birds swirling each other in the same yin-yang fashion as the dragon tattoo in my dream.  I flipped further through the book and saw a painting of a Chinese dragon in the water turning over a boat.  So I thought that it was meant to be for me to paint the dragon tattoo.  I started out painting the dragons but as 4 am drew near and my body started to ache from sleep deprivation, I knew that I couldn’t finish the picture in one setting.  So I decided to whip up the quick picture that you see below.  Hopefully I finish the dragon picture tomorrow.

Today I woke up with a debilitating headache and stayed in bed most of the day.  Like a trouper I was able to make it out of the bed late afternoon.  Today’s painting is inspired by the modern art section of the art encyclopedia that I flipped through on Wednesday at the library.  There was a painting in the optical illusions section of thin black and white stripes that almost gave me a migrane from looking at it.  It almost reminded me of a bar code.  Today’s painting has blended stripes in different colors.  The stripes are spaced out far enough so that it won’t incite a migraine or an epileptic fit out of anyone.  The picture is an oil painting on 4″x4″ canvas paper.

Like before some paintings ar hits and others are misses 🙂 I went to two events tonight so I’m more interested in going to bed than intereseted in painting well.  I went to a networking social/fundraiser for Chicago Mercy Home for Boys and girls, and an all white party fundraiser for the Chicago Fire soccer team.  I was trying to communicate the philosophical idea of what’s in the root is in the fruit, and what you water things with determines how they grow.  The flowers are dark and black because the rain is dirty and dark, dark rays are shining on them, so the resulting product is something nasting and bad growing.  This oil painting is on 4″x4″ canvas paper.

President Obama was in town today for a birthday party/fundraiser a mile from my house.  I decided to go check it out to see if I could get a glimpse of him.  Unfortunately I got there 15 minutes too late, and missed out on seeing him.  There was a public library nearby, so I decided to look at some art books.  I came across a huge encyclopedia of artists.  It was an interesting book that had artists and their art grouped by technique or style.  When I was looking at the modern art section, I thought that I saw a painting that said “Face Your Fears”.  When I looked again it said something totally different.  It said Face the Nation or something to that effect.  I decided that “Face Your Fears would be a good thing to paint.  Today’s picture says “Face Your Fears” and it also has concave, convex, biconvex, and biconcave lenses with arrows up and down with rays representing the real and imaginary image.  There are also rays being refracted through media.  At work this week I read a few books on polarized light microscopy where different types of lenses and refraction was reviewed.  Since the same laws of optics apply to the lenses in our eyes regarding our perception and fear of what we see, I thought that it would be cleaver to put lenses and rays in this painting.  Today’s painting is an oil painting on a 20″ x 16″ canvas.

Man I got caught out in a deluge today and the water shorted out my car remote 😦  However something awesome happened today.  I took a sushi class, so now I will be the master sushi maker, as long as I can find places that sell sashimi grade fish!  I didn’t feel like putting in the effort to draw and then paint a watercolor, so I’ve retreated back to painting in oil.  Today’s picture is another vibrant arrow picture.  I love making these arrow paintings.  The colors are very lively and I don’t know how the picture will comeout until I’m finished.

Here are my favorite paintings for the month of July!  Which paintings were your favorites?




Today I decided to give a crack at painting pearls in watercolor again by trying to paint my pearl bracelet.  I’m thinking that this will be my last watercolor painting.  Tomorrow I hope to go back to painting in oil.

I did a good job painting my pearl in earring in oil, so I thought that I might be able to do a good job at it in watercolor.  I think that I did a decent job translating the irredecence of the pearl earrings, but I did not do a good job painting the color of the wood dresser that the earrings lay on or the shadow and reflection of the earrings.

Things are very topsy turvy in my life, but everything will work out in due time.  I must keep moving forward and see how the chips fall.  I decided to stay in and watch Netfix dvds today.  Pretty boring but I need to rest up for a busy day tomorrow.  Today’s picture is a still life following the composition rules in my watercolor book.  The picture features a mini easle and a wine bottle.  The wine bottle is a Chardonnay that I am reviewing for my other blog www.wholefoodswinencheese.wordpress.com .  I haven’t posted the wine review for that wine yet, but hopefully I will get to posting it soon.  Painting is taking up a lot of my time.

Painting number 60! Woo hooo.  Today’s picture is another attempt to master the watercolor technique and the drawing the human figure in appropriate proportions.  Ugh, I’m making baby steps with each technique.  I have about 10 more watercolor paper pages left in my notebook.  I think that will be as far as I go with watercolors unless I have so great breakthrough.  I like painting will oil much better, and it’s an easier technique for me to wrap my head around.

I am stricken with fatigue today. One good thing to report is that I found one of my old how to paint watercolors book. I actually read the instructions this time and found out that you are supposed to paint a light hue wash first, let it dry and then layer the darker hues on top. That’s opposite to how I paint oils. This was a good thing to learn. Previously with the watercolors, I wasn’t letting the layers dry, so everything was bleeding together, plus I wasn’t painting in order of light to dark. Good thing to know! Today’s picture is a copy of a composition in the how to paint watercolors book.

Today I saw an awesome photo in the Chicago reader of dancer in an advertisement for an upcoming performance for Thodos Dance Company. The dancer had amazing form and the garment that the dancer wore looked beautiful as it was floating suspended in the air.  You could feel the passion fo the dancer through the picture.  I thought that this photo would make an amazing watercolor painting and give me the opportunity to practice painting the human body at correct proportions.  Today’s picture is a watercolor of one of the Thodos Dance Chicago preformers.




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