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I suffered from food poisoning last night.  For some reason, I thought that it was a good idea to eat a gyro that sat on the kitchen table for 8 hours on a hot summer day.  In summation, I spent the night having crazy dreams, having stomach cramps, and vomitting.  One of my crazy dreams produced the painting below.  I drempt about neon Andy Warhol-type cows flashing in and out of a pasture.  My stomach is still hurting, I wonder if I will still have crazy dreams tonight.  On the bright side, I will have an interesting painting tomorrow if I do have residual nightmares tonight from yesterday’s food poisoning episode.  This is an oil painting created with brushes on a 4″x4″ canvas.

"When Tzatziki Sauce Goes Bad"

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Ugh….the indecision is growing.  When I think about one thing, is branches off to another thought, which branches off to another, and another…  These thoughts put me in a state of life reflection today.  I began to feel like I was carrying around a lot of potential energy.  I was carrying around potential energy that I wasn’t converting to kinetic energy.  I felt as though I was chock full of missed opportunities.  I felt bloated with “hoping for”, bloated with “what if”.  Overall I felt like I had a lot of talents, accomplishments, missions, etc… that I need to give birth too, but for whatever reason I’m not giving birth to them.  That’s how I came up with this painting.  This is an oil painting created with brushes on a 6″x6″ canvas.

"Pregnant with Possibilities"

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Today I have swirling non-stop thoughts in my head of indecision.  The thoughts were placed on a shelf left to get dusty for 8 months, but decision day is approaching.  What to do, what to do?  Here is a painting of the swirling thoughts.  It is an oil painting created with brushes on a 2″x2″ canvas.



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Sorry folks I’m tired tonight, dead tired.  Why am I dead tired?  I’m dead tired because I had to get up early this morning and went to bed late last night.  Therefore, not much effort is being put into this painting.  This picture reflects my appathy towards painting when exhausted, yet my committment to bringing a painting to you all everyday.


"The Sleep Monster"

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