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Oh boy.  I’ve got nothing to paint.  Perhaps I should eat more food with spoiled dairy products so that will have nightmares and visions of something interesting to paint.

Well I did encounter something that I thought would make a good painting today.  I returned from my lunch break to find people protesting on a block near my job.  They were packed tight like sardines and were protesting passionately.  I didn’t agree with the reason for their protest.  However I did agree with their right to protest.  This is America and we have a right to make our voices heard.  So today’s painting is of all the protesters holding up their picket signs.  I’m tired and it’s late therefore there is not color in this painting.  Second news flash I ran out of yellow paint, therefore my creativity was stiffled.

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Trying to paint everyday is getting exhausting.  I’m learning that its hard to pull these painting out of the sky.  I’m having more misses that hits when it comes to these pictures.  Oh well, I volunteered myself for this task.  So I’ve got to keep my word and paint on.

Here goes….I had a doctors appointment today.  Not an appointment for anything major, just an annual physical for work.  Oddly enough the only doctor available to give me a physical by my work deadline, was located 2 blocks away from my ex-boyfriend’s place.  I worried about running into him after my appointment, but I dismissed it.  I thought to myself, what are the odds of running into him.  Chicago is a big place….I’ll blend into the crowd on the streets…he’s probably at home…or he’s probably on the otherside of town…there’s no chance of running into him.  Just to be safe I didn’t walk in the direction of his place to catch the train.  I decided to walk in the opposite direction and take a bus home instead of the train.  Well guess what?  Guess who emerges out of the darkness walking towards me as I’m trying to sneak out of the neighborhood?  The ex!  I waved hello and speed walked away.  Its odd how you manifest whatever you focus on.  So to make a long story short….here is what today’s painting represents:  There is a red cross which represents me going to the doctor’s office today.  The red cross also represents staying healthy by avoiding unhealthy people.  The green, blue, and brown background represents injury (emotionally, etc…) that one can receive if they involve themselves with infectious people.  This is an oil painting on 4″x4″ canvas created with brushes.



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