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Today I used a much needed groupon for 50% off of $30 worth of art supplies at Lakeview Art Supply.  I was going to buy canvases but they were expensive, so I decided to buy material for watercolor paintings.  Painting in watercolor terrifies me.  There is nothing that you can do to fix a mistake that you make when painting in watercolor.  You can cover up mistakes in acrylic and oil by just plopping new paint on top of the mistake.  Watercolor is so tricky.  I also bought a “how to draw the human anatomy” book.  I’m learning a lot about body proportions when painting.  Today’s picture is a watercolor of the female human form.  The far left of the painting is the charcoal drawing straight from my book.  In the last two thirds of this painting, I decided to expand the picture by painting a larger scale of the torso of the lady in the picture.  The last third of the painting in the far right is the a larger scale painting of the lady’s left thigh and calf.



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