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Oh boy what a day!  I accidently left the car charger for my phone in the cigarette lighter and it killed my car battery, so guess who got to walk home carrying their grocceries….Me! Yay!  LOL.  The day got even more interesting.  The weird ex-boyfriend that indirectly inspired me to write this blog, decided that he wants to convert to christianity start going to my church, eventhough today was the first time that he ever stepped foot in my church.  Being cordial to him at church is the Christian thing to do, however I know tha he only showed up to check up on me.  Good grief, now I will have to find a new church 😦 lol.  Anyways,  I searched and searched for things to paint since couldnt get a “how to paint watercolors” book from the library today (my library branch is closed on Sunday).  I found a very colorful advertisement for salad dressing in the latest issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.  The salad has strawberries, green beans, carrots, leaf lettuce, raddicio, and feta cheese.  I’m pretty proud of how the feta cheese crumbles came out with the water color.  Today’s picture is a water color rendition of the plate of salad in the magazine advertisement.

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