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Today I went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription.  While waiting for a prescription I looked throught the $3.99 movies bin.  I found a made for tv documentary on the Da Vinci Code.  Not a documentary on the movie, but on symbolism in Leonardo DaVinci’s artwork.  Perhaps I should try to put hidden mathematical codes, or secrets about history in my artwork.  Lol.  Of course it’s too late for me to be cleaver enough to put an algorithim in my artwork, maybe for tomorrow.  One interesting part of the documentary focused on DaVinci’s drawing of a man inside a square and a circle while pointing out all of the perfect repeating proportions of man’s body, i.e. the torso is 3 times the side of a man’s head, his wingspan is equal to his height, etc… Then I thought, eureka!  I just bought a drawing book on the human anatomy.  So here is my tie in moment.  I will practice drawing the perfect proportions of a man, represented in my art book, while paying tribute to the $3.99 DaVinci DVD that I watched today.  Sidenote:  Its funny how the practice drawing of a female figure in my artbook is a full head to toe drawing of a woman that resembles a pole dancer, however the practice drawing of the male figure only shows his torso!  So typical, so typical.  Lol!  So here is today’s picture: a watercolor of the male torso.  I don’t know why I picked green to paint the picture.  But now that I look back at it, the dude looks like the incredible hulk.




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