I was walking downtown yesterday and saw a salon that had circles of one color outlined in another color.  I thought that it would be something nice to paint.  To today’s picture is another attempt a watercolor of those circles on the window.


Today I went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription.  While waiting for a prescription I looked throught the $3.99 movies bin.  I found a made for tv documentary on the Da Vinci Code.  Not a documentary on the movie, but on symbolism in Leonardo DaVinci’s artwork.  Perhaps I should try to put hidden mathematical codes, or secrets about history in my artwork.  Lol.  Of course it’s too late for me to be cleaver enough to put an algorithim in my artwork, maybe for tomorrow.  One interesting part of the documentary focused on DaVinci’s drawing of a man inside a square and a circle while pointing out all of the perfect repeating proportions of man’s body, i.e. the torso is 3 times the side of a man’s head, his wingspan is equal to his height, etc… Then I thought, eureka!  I just bought a drawing book on the human anatomy.  So here is my tie in moment.  I will practice drawing the perfect proportions of a man, represented in my art book, while paying tribute to the $3.99 DaVinci DVD that I watched today.  Sidenote:  Its funny how the practice drawing of a female figure in my artbook is a full head to toe drawing of a woman that resembles a pole dancer, however the practice drawing of the male figure only shows his torso!  So typical, so typical.  Lol!  So here is today’s picture: a watercolor of the male torso.  I don’t know why I picked green to paint the picture.  But now that I look back at it, the dude looks like the incredible hulk.




Oh boy what a day!  I accidently left the car charger for my phone in the cigarette lighter and it killed my car battery, so guess who got to walk home carrying their grocceries….Me! Yay!  LOL.  The day got even more interesting.  The weird ex-boyfriend that indirectly inspired me to write this blog, decided that he wants to convert to christianity start going to my church, eventhough today was the first time that he ever stepped foot in my church.  Being cordial to him at church is the Christian thing to do, however I know tha he only showed up to check up on me.  Good grief, now I will have to find a new church 😦 lol.  Anyways,  I searched and searched for things to paint since couldnt get a “how to paint watercolors” book from the library today (my library branch is closed on Sunday).  I found a very colorful advertisement for salad dressing in the latest issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.  The salad has strawberries, green beans, carrots, leaf lettuce, raddicio, and feta cheese.  I’m pretty proud of how the feta cheese crumbles came out with the water color.  Today’s picture is a water color rendition of the plate of salad in the magazine advertisement.

Today I used a much needed groupon for 50% off of $30 worth of art supplies at Lakeview Art Supply.  I was going to buy canvases but they were expensive, so I decided to buy material for watercolor paintings.  Painting in watercolor terrifies me.  There is nothing that you can do to fix a mistake that you make when painting in watercolor.  You can cover up mistakes in acrylic and oil by just plopping new paint on top of the mistake.  Watercolor is so tricky.  I also bought a “how to draw the human anatomy” book.  I’m learning a lot about body proportions when painting.  Today’s picture is a watercolor of the female human form.  The far left of the painting is the charcoal drawing straight from my book.  In the last two thirds of this painting, I decided to expand the picture by painting a larger scale of the torso of the lady in the picture.  The last third of the painting in the far right is the a larger scale painting of the lady’s left thigh and calf.



Thank God for the electricity being back on! It rained today so that cooled things off a bit so I didn’t need the air conditioner that much today.  Isn’t that ironic!  In today’s picture I was playing around with shapes.  They look like a bunch of hip hop ameoba under a microscope, lol.  The picture is an oil painting on 4″x4″ canvas paper.  I have mixed feelings about painting on canvas paper.  Canvas paper is cheaper than purchasing real canvas, however it really absorbes the oil paint and causes it to dry too fast like arcrylic paint, therefore it makes painting still life pictures difficult for me.  I like for the paint to remain wet when painting still life pictures.  The wet paint allows me to blend the paint better.  However the quick drying effect of the canvas paper is a benefit when I want to layer the paint.

"Hip Hop Ameoba


Oh my gosh!  Yesterday was record breaking hot!  98 degrees with at 107 degree heat index and no electricity because two transformers blewup in my neighborhood!  An absolutely miserable night!  I kept wiping the dog and myself with cool water which evaporated almost instantaneously, but we survived.  I now have a story to tell me future grandchildren, “In my day I survived 100 degree temperatures in the blazing sun with no air conditioner and nothing cold to drink from the refridgerator!” lol.   With no air conditioner and not ice you can imagine that I did not get much sleep last night.  So I was a little tired to day while painting.  I tried to continue the arrow picture series, but I failed again.  The colors that I chose look like all of the gross Brach spiced Easter jelly bean flavors that no one likes.  Todays picture is an oil painting on 4″x4″ canvas paper.

"All the Jelly Bean Flavors that Nobody Likes"

Wow, 50 paintings!  I really love how painting 48 with the colorful arrows turned out.  Today I attempted to start a series of paintings like this by using the  same style technique, but use different colors.  The color palette of painting 48 is calming when you look at it.  Unfortunately I did not accomplish that effect in today’s painting.  The colors in combination with the sharp points of the arrows make me feel excitable, uneasy, edgey, and feel accused when I look at it.  A large scale painting of painting 48 on the wall would warm up my home, however today painting in large scale would screw up the feng-shui of my house and cause emotional distruptions, lol.  So here you go, today’s picture is an oil painting on 4″x4″ canvas paper.

Nothing miraculous or super exciting happened today.  I am so tired.  I think that the 98 degree temps has zapped all of the life out of me.  I can’t think of anything creative to paint therefore I will revert to what I paint best…..still lifes of junk in my house, lol!  Today’s picture is an oil painting on 4″x4″ canvas paper of an onion.


I’m finished with being a tour guide to my friend from out of town, YAY!  I was happy to have a visitor from out of town, but I was exhausted taking her around town especially when I had other things to do.  Now I can come home and relax, I don’t have to come home and then take someone all over the city.  Yesterday I saw a neat piece of pop art hanging in a restaurant.  It was a painting of a few paper planes painted crisply in an Andy Warhol style.  Today’s picture is of less than crisply painted arrows in oil paint on 4″x4″ canvas paper.  Although this picture is simple, I love it.  I think that the aquamarine blue arrows and the white highlights make the picture gorgeous.  I would love to make a large-scale canvas rendering of this picture.


Oh my gosh it is like a million degrees outside today.  It is the begining of the over 90 degree heat wave in chicago.  I went to the near west side today to enjoy the taste of River North and do a bargain shopping.  The bargain hunting and sunshine lifted my mood, but I still felt sad about not making it past the first round of tryouts for “The Voice”.  So today’s picture is of microphones.  It is an oil painting on 4″x4″ canvas paper.

I auditioned for the the show “The Voice” and didn’t get selected for call backs.  I have nothing to paint about that.  Todays painting relates to my visit to the Edgewater Art Fair later this afternoon.  There was a guy there that offered to draw your name caligraphy style in Arabic for $5.  I told him that my name is actually an arabic name.  Then he told me that his sister and I share the same name.  I didn’t buy a drawing of my name in arabic from him.  However, I decided to go home and create one myself.  Today’s picture is an oil painting on a 2″x2″ canvas of my name spelled in Arabic.


I had to do a lot of moving around furniture, things that I hoard in my place, and moving my schedule to accomodate being a tour guide for my friend that is visiting from Florida.  Today’s picture is an oil painting on a 2″x2″ canvas representing all of the items that I had to shift around this week to ensure that my friend enjoyed her stay.


Happy Bastille Day!  I had a friend come into town from Florida.  I spent a lot of time trying to explain the Chicago Transit system to her so that she could scurry around town seeing the sights while I was at work.  I had to explain the color system used to identify the different subway train lines.  Today’s picture is an oil painting on a 2″x2″ canvas representing the different subway lines.

El Train

I’m trying to learn other painting styles.  I know that I can paint still life paintings well.  I’m trying to see if I can paint with other techniques equally as well.  Today I wikipedia’d cubism.  It said that cubist paintings are created by painting a subject while looking at it from different directions using a muted color palette.  Today’s painting is my first attempt at cubism.  It is a cubist representation of my dog.


Today I’m sticking to what I do best,…still life paintings.  I don’t feel any creativity and don’t feel like my skill of painting pictures straight out of my head.  Today’s picture is an oil painting on a 2″x2″ canvas of a Tanzanian wood carving that I use as a shelf bookend in my home.


Today  had a true case of the Mondays.  Today’s picture is lack-luster.  I’m tired and don’t feel creative or talented enough to produce a picture “out of my head”.  I also don’t feel like spending the time to paint a still life in detail.  So here you go.  Today’s picture is an oil painting on a 2″x2″ canvas.


Wow, I cannot beleive that this is my 40th painting.  As someone that has previously only painted about 10 paintings prior to this project, I must say that this is one big fricking deal! 🙂  Since I went to church today, the picture for today has a religous theme.  I originally set out to make the human hand in the picture very realistic and full of detail, however either laziness or trouble interpreting the color and shading led me to produce a flat cartoonish painting.  I like the picture anyways.  The picture is an oil painting on an 18″x18″ canvas.


Today I roasted outside at the Gold Coast Art Fair at Grant Park.  I was happy to roast in the sun in order to see all of the beautiful artwork on display.  I was really impressed with the artisan jewelry.  Simply gorgeous.  I saw a pair of pearl earring similar to the style that I bought yesterday for about $30 less.  Boo hoo.  Oh well you live and learn.  I saw one really clever painting of a the silhouette of a giant person bending over looking at a proportionately smaller person that was looking upward.  I thought  that it would be cool to recreate the painting by painting the giant with one hand behind their back hiding a giant mallet and the other hand reaching out offering something shiny to the tiny person.  I tried to paint that, but I couldn’t get the proportions of the giant correct, so I painted over it.  This painting only has the silhouette of the tiny person.  The picture is an oil painting on  2″x2″ canvas.

Today I was a true American.  I spent a lot of money shopping, and that’s what Americans do best!  Macy’s had a crazy sale on jewelry so I decided to purchase some pearl earrings.  I have a little buyers remorse because they are cultured freshwater pearls and not cultured sea pearls.  My pearl necklace is a vintage 1950s cultured sea pearls that I purchased from an antique store.  Sea pearls are gorgeous and have character.  Cultured freshwater pearls are nice but they don’t have the luster and complexity of sea pearls.  I couldn’t believe that Macy’s didnt have any sea pearls.  Unbelievable.  I had to push aside my snobbery and buy the pearl and gold earrings because I needed earrings to match my necklace.  Later on in the day I decided to seal the deal and bought a multistrand pearl bracelet (cultured freshwater, because apparently no one sells sea pearls anymore).  Today’s picture is an oil painting of one of the earrings that I bought.  I’m proud of myself for capturing the luster of the pearl, although it would be more lustrous if it were a sea pearl.  🙂



I was in an angry mood today and nothing could shake it.  Today I learned the therapeutic power of painting still lifes.  I’ve painted some of the more abstract paintings when upset, but its done nothing for my mood.  Today I painted some of raspberries from the farmers market in their wooden container.   The concentration that I took to paint each node of the raspberries and get the coloring correct, allowed me to release my preoccupation of what was angering me.  Today’s picture is an oil painting on a 2″x2″ canvas.


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