Success!  I blew it this past weekend and hibernated instead of going out to July 4th social events.  I was determined to make up for it by attending a networking social at a bar and grill in lincoln park.  I had a great time.  I mixed and mingled and received a lot of compliments on my style from a jewelry artist.  Today’s picture is an oil painting on a 2″x2″ canvas of the crowd of people at the event.

I didn’t want to go back to work today after a restful three day holiday.  The best part of my day came at lunch time when I walked over to the farmers market for exercise, enjoyment of the weather, and to buy some farm fresh goodies.  I bought a few pints of gooseberries and raspberries at the farmers market and boy oh boy were they delicious.  Today’s picture is an oil painting on a 2″x2″ canvas of the gooseberries.


Happy 4th of July everyone.  I thank God that I live in a country where I can freely express my thoughts and pursue my dreams regardless of my gender and race.  Today’s picture is of the American flag.

It may come to your surprize to find to find out that I am a movie star.  I was a movie extra in the “Transformers 3: Dark side of the Moon” film.  Parts of the movie was filmed in my beloved Chicago.  I had the honor of being one of 300 people selected out of 6000 auditioners to participate in the film.  Today I went to see the movie and I was able to pick myself out of the crowd of extras.  Todays picture is an oil painting on a 2″x2″ canvas of the many extras in one of the movie’s destruction scenes that I participated in.



Today was pretty uneventful.  I did go to an art studio open house in Wicker Park yesterday, and loved one of the artists’ paintings of sunflowers.  Here is my painting of a field of sunflowers in oil paint on a 2″x2″ canvas.  This painting fell short of the beautiful sunflowers in the other artist’s paintings.  Oh well I tried. Can’t blame a girl for trying.

We’ve had crazy weather over the past 48 hours.  Yesterday we had hail storms and winds that uprooted my rhubarb plants.  Today, the sky looked like the end of the world was looming.  The sky was swirling like witches brew.  It looked like the sky in the movie “Ghostbusters”.   Today’s picture is of the crazy rapture sky that happened around noon today.  It is an oil painting on a 2″x2″ canvas.


What an exercise! Painting everyday proved to be tougher than I thought.  Additionally, more exspensive than I thought.  Some changes will be made for July.  My paintings for July will most likely appear on very creative media in order to cut the cost of canvases.  Another lesson learned is:  Having a one bedroom apartment filled with 30 drying oil paintings is not good for a person with asthma.  I am not the biggest fan of acrylic paintings, however I will probably start painting in acrylic after I use up the oil paint.

Here are my favorite paintings from the month of June.  Which paintings were your favorites?

"He Walks with Me"


"Gone Churchin'!"

"To the Max!"

"Little Applesauce: The Boss"

"Pregnant with Possibilities"

Today was pretty cool.  I ended the day with a Natalie Cole concert with new friends at the Taste of Chicago.  The concert was amazing.  What a great city Chicago is!  The Chicago alley ways are iconic to me.  So here is a painting of the alley on my street.  This is an oil painting on a 4″x4″ canvas.


Today I felt like someone tied boulders around my waist and threw me in the lake.  It was such a struggle to concentrate on anything.  Anything that I attempted to do required special effort.  I did make attempts throughout the day to pep myself up, but I wasn’t successsful in completely climbing out of the rut. 

When walking my dog I noticed how dry and cracked the ground was.  However there were some weeds that didn’t give up an were poking out of the ground.  That’s how I felt today.  Despite how bad I felt, I was determined to push through.  So here is my painting of that determination.

Oh boy.  I’ve got nothing to paint.  Perhaps I should eat more food with spoiled dairy products so that will have nightmares and visions of something interesting to paint.

Well I did encounter something that I thought would make a good painting today.  I returned from my lunch break to find people protesting on a block near my job.  They were packed tight like sardines and were protesting passionately.  I didn’t agree with the reason for their protest.  However I did agree with their right to protest.  This is America and we have a right to make our voices heard.  So today’s painting is of all the protesters holding up their picket signs.  I’m tired and it’s late therefore there is not color in this painting.  Second news flash I ran out of yellow paint, therefore my creativity was stiffled.

Trying to paint everyday is getting exhausting.  I’m learning that its hard to pull these painting out of the sky.  I’m having more misses that hits when it comes to these pictures.  Oh well, I volunteered myself for this task.  So I’ve got to keep my word and paint on.

Here goes….I had a doctors appointment today.  Not an appointment for anything major, just an annual physical for work.  Oddly enough the only doctor available to give me a physical by my work deadline, was located 2 blocks away from my ex-boyfriend’s place.  I worried about running into him after my appointment, but I dismissed it.  I thought to myself, what are the odds of running into him.  Chicago is a big place….I’ll blend into the crowd on the streets…he’s probably at home…or he’s probably on the otherside of town…there’s no chance of running into him.  Just to be safe I didn’t walk in the direction of his place to catch the train.  I decided to walk in the opposite direction and take a bus home instead of the train.  Well guess what?  Guess who emerges out of the darkness walking towards me as I’m trying to sneak out of the neighborhood?  The ex!  I waved hello and speed walked away.  Its odd how you manifest whatever you focus on.  So to make a long story short….here is what today’s painting represents:  There is a red cross which represents me going to the doctor’s office today.  The red cross also represents staying healthy by avoiding unhealthy people.  The green, blue, and brown background represents injury (emotionally, etc…) that one can receive if they involve themselves with infectious people.  This is an oil painting on 4″x4″ canvas created with brushes.



I suffered from food poisoning last night.  For some reason, I thought that it was a good idea to eat a gyro that sat on the kitchen table for 8 hours on a hot summer day.  In summation, I spent the night having crazy dreams, having stomach cramps, and vomitting.  One of my crazy dreams produced the painting below.  I drempt about neon Andy Warhol-type cows flashing in and out of a pasture.  My stomach is still hurting, I wonder if I will still have crazy dreams tonight.  On the bright side, I will have an interesting painting tomorrow if I do have residual nightmares tonight from yesterday’s food poisoning episode.  This is an oil painting created with brushes on a 4″x4″ canvas.

"When Tzatziki Sauce Goes Bad"

Ugh….the indecision is growing.  When I think about one thing, is branches off to another thought, which branches off to another, and another…  These thoughts put me in a state of life reflection today.  I began to feel like I was carrying around a lot of potential energy.  I was carrying around potential energy that I wasn’t converting to kinetic energy.  I felt as though I was chock full of missed opportunities.  I felt bloated with “hoping for”, bloated with “what if”.  Overall I felt like I had a lot of talents, accomplishments, missions, etc… that I need to give birth too, but for whatever reason I’m not giving birth to them.  That’s how I came up with this painting.  This is an oil painting created with brushes on a 6″x6″ canvas.

"Pregnant with Possibilities"

Today I have swirling non-stop thoughts in my head of indecision.  The thoughts were placed on a shelf left to get dusty for 8 months, but decision day is approaching.  What to do, what to do?  Here is a painting of the swirling thoughts.  It is an oil painting created with brushes on a 2″x2″ canvas.



Sorry folks I’m tired tonight, dead tired.  Why am I dead tired?  I’m dead tired because I had to get up early this morning and went to bed late last night.  Therefore, not much effort is being put into this painting.  This picture reflects my appathy towards painting when exhausted, yet my committment to bringing a painting to you all everyday.


"The Sleep Monster"

Three things stick out in my mind today:  #1 The amount of energy that Pepsi max gave me at work, #2 The scary gray tornado sky this afternoon, and #3 the grafitti on the buildings a long the subway tracks.  This painting is my interpretation of the three.  The painting was created using brushes and oil paint on a 8″x12″ canvas.


"To the Max!"

Today I had a dinner reservation at Vermillion restaurant.  Vermillion is an amazing restaurant, and I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the chef’s tasting menu.  The tasting menu was comprised of items prepared on the Iron Chef competition television show.  It was an absolutely fabulous dining experience.  However, I was dining alone.  None of my friends were available to come along for dinner.  I pep-talked myself up before going to the restaurant.  I got dolled up received compliments from several people along the street downtown and at the restaurant.  However my self esteem dropped as I journeyed through the 5 course 2 hour tasting menu.  When dining alone there is nothing to do but stare at the table and stare at people while you are waiting for the servers to bring out your next course.  I received sad and confused looks of “what the hell is she doing sitting at that table by herself?”.  At the restaurant there was a painting of a woman’s profile.  The woman in the painting had a ultra-confident posture and look on her face.  Started out like that at the beginning of my meal, but my posture and esteem slumped by the end of the meal.  So here is the painting of the day.  Me and my transformation from the confident chic woman, to the slumped over lonely person by the end of the night.  The paint is in oil on a 8″x10″ canvas using brushes




"Le Migrane"

Today it thunderstormed.  I get sinus/migraines whenever there are violent thunderstorms.  Lucky me!  I am a human barometer.  Whenever there is an atmospheric pressure change for a thunderstorm, my sinus cavities and surrounding nerves are squeezed, resulting in blurred vision, nausea, and severe pain.  I am in the practice of loading up on motrin and rubbing my face with peppermint oil (over my sinus cavities) whenever a storm is approaching ( I feel the pressure a day before the storm hits).  This eased the pain of the migraine, however I am always left with the nausea and blurred vision.  Enough of the explanation of my headaches and weather.  This is an oil painting of my headache today.  The red is the flame of my inflamed nerves  growing if I don’t take pain medicine in time.  The blue is the extinguishing effect of the ibuprofen dulling the headache.  The yellow is the partially extinguished migraine.

"Gone Churchin'!"

This another blurred square patchwork painting.  I painted tiny square with oil paint on a 4″x2″ canvas.  I let it dry a little, and then blurred it with a dry round brush.  It’s Sunday and I still haven’t found a church that I really like on the northside of Chicago.  All of the square are the jillions of churches that I’ve visited.  I’m ready to become a member of bedside baptist, lol.

My car is currently defunct!   I live in a major metropolitan city with great public transportation, so I don’t plan on getting it fixed anytime soon, especially with these high gas prices.  I live on the safe splendid north side of Chicago, however I have a meeting for one of my community service organizations on the south side of Chicago.  I decided to be brave and take the l-train to the south side.  I figure that it was time for me to put aside my fears and prejudices against hood-ish people.   I planned to catch the bus from my l-train stop to my meeting.  Well I was in for a surprise.  The buses run like every 5-10 minutes rain, sleet, or shine on the north side.  Not so for the south side.  I waited like 25 minutes and no bus, so I decided to walk the 1.5 miles to my meeting.  This was like the green mile.  Almost everyday 2 year olds to 15 year olds get shot by random gang violence on the south side.  I decided to pray and walk anyways as long as I was on a bus route street.  I figured that I would be in plain view on a bus route street.  I hoped that it would make me less likely to get raped, robbed, or murdered.  The south side is so sad, dirty, disgusting, and downtrodden.  There was a unbareable heaviness, a mist of dispair… a curse of some sort.  Anyways, this painting has a blurred background representing my fear of the corner hustlers and what lurked around the corner.  There is also a red jagged path super-imposed over the blurred background.  The red is the possible bloodshed if I walked into a drive-by the jaggedness is my lack of sense of direction trying to find the community center for my meeting.

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