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Thank God for the electricity being back on! It rained today so that cooled things off a bit so I didn’t need the air conditioner that much today.  Isn’t that ironic!  In today’s picture I was playing around with shapes.  They look like a bunch of hip hop ameoba under a microscope, lol.  The picture is an oil painting on 4″x4″ canvas paper.  I have mixed feelings about painting on canvas paper.  Canvas paper is cheaper than purchasing real canvas, however it really absorbes the oil paint and causes it to dry too fast like arcrylic paint, therefore it makes painting still life pictures difficult for me.  I like for the paint to remain wet when painting still life pictures.  The wet paint allows me to blend the paint better.  However the quick drying effect of the canvas paper is a benefit when I want to layer the paint.

"Hip Hop Ameoba


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