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My car is currently defunct!   I live in a major metropolitan city with great public transportation, so I don’t plan on getting it fixed anytime soon, especially with these high gas prices.  I live on the safe splendid north side of Chicago, however I have a meeting for one of my community service organizations on the south side of Chicago.  I decided to be brave and take the l-train to the south side.  I figure that it was time for me to put aside my fears and prejudices against hood-ish people.   I planned to catch the bus from my l-train stop to my meeting.  Well I was in for a surprise.  The buses run like every 5-10 minutes rain, sleet, or shine on the north side.  Not so for the south side.  I waited like 25 minutes and no bus, so I decided to walk the 1.5 miles to my meeting.  This was like the green mile.  Almost everyday 2 year olds to 15 year olds get shot by random gang violence on the south side.  I decided to pray and walk anyways as long as I was on a bus route street.  I figured that I would be in plain view on a bus route street.  I hoped that it would make me less likely to get raped, robbed, or murdered.  The south side is so sad, dirty, disgusting, and downtrodden.  There was a unbareable heaviness, a mist of dispair… a curse of some sort.  Anyways, this painting has a blurred background representing my fear of the corner hustlers and what lurked around the corner.  There is also a red jagged path super-imposed over the blurred background.  The red is the possible bloodshed if I walked into a drive-by the jaggedness is my lack of sense of direction trying to find the community center for my meeting.

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