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Today I roasted outside at the Gold Coast Art Fair at Grant Park.  I was happy to roast in the sun in order to see all of the beautiful artwork on display.  I was really impressed with the artisan jewelry.  Simply gorgeous.  I saw a pair of pearl earring similar to the style that I bought yesterday for about $30 less.  Boo hoo.  Oh well you live and learn.  I saw one really clever painting of a the silhouette of a giant person bending over looking at a proportionately smaller person that was looking upward.  I thought  that it would be cool to recreate the painting by painting the giant with one hand behind their back hiding a giant mallet and the other hand reaching out offering something shiny to the tiny person.  I tried to paint that, but I couldn’t get the proportions of the giant correct, so I painted over it.  This painting only has the silhouette of the tiny person.  The picture is an oil painting on  2″x2″ canvas.

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