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Today I had a dinner reservation at Vermillion restaurant.  Vermillion is an amazing restaurant, and I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the chef’s tasting menu.  The tasting menu was comprised of items prepared on the Iron Chef competition television show.  It was an absolutely fabulous dining experience.  However, I was dining alone.  None of my friends were available to come along for dinner.  I pep-talked myself up before going to the restaurant.  I got dolled up received compliments from several people along the street downtown and at the restaurant.  However my self esteem dropped as I journeyed through the 5 course 2 hour tasting menu.  When dining alone there is nothing to do but stare at the table and stare at people while you are waiting for the servers to bring out your next course.  I received sad and confused looks of “what the hell is she doing sitting at that table by herself?”.  At the restaurant there was a painting of a woman’s profile.  The woman in the painting had a ultra-confident posture and look on her face.  Started out like that at the beginning of my meal, but my posture and esteem slumped by the end of the meal.  So here is the painting of the day.  Me and my transformation from the confident chic woman, to the slumped over lonely person by the end of the night.  The paint is in oil on a 8″x10″ canvas using brushes




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