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Today I was a true American.  I spent a lot of money shopping, and that’s what Americans do best!  Macy’s had a crazy sale on jewelry so I decided to purchase some pearl earrings.  I have a little buyers remorse because they are cultured freshwater pearls and not cultured sea pearls.  My pearl necklace is a vintage 1950s cultured sea pearls that I purchased from an antique store.  Sea pearls are gorgeous and have character.  Cultured freshwater pearls are nice but they don’t have the luster and complexity of sea pearls.  I couldn’t believe that Macy’s didnt have any sea pearls.  Unbelievable.  I had to push aside my snobbery and buy the pearl and gold earrings because I needed earrings to match my necklace.  Later on in the day I decided to seal the deal and bought a multistrand pearl bracelet (cultured freshwater, because apparently no one sells sea pearls anymore).  Today’s picture is an oil painting of one of the earrings that I bought.  I’m proud of myself for capturing the luster of the pearl, although it would be more lustrous if it were a sea pearl.  🙂


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