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Here are my favorite paintings for the month of July!  Which paintings were your favorites?




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Wow, 50 paintings!  I really love how painting 48 with the colorful arrows turned out.  Today I attempted to start a series of paintings like this by using the  same style technique, but use different colors.  The color palette of painting 48 is calming when you look at it.  Unfortunately I did not accomplish that effect in today’s painting.  The colors in combination with the sharp points of the arrows make me feel excitable, uneasy, edgey, and feel accused when I look at it.  A large scale painting of painting 48 on the wall would warm up my home, however today painting in large scale would screw up the feng-shui of my house and cause emotional distruptions, lol.  So here you go, today’s picture is an oil painting on 4″x4″ canvas paper.

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In high school and college, I took painting classes where you follow the teacher step by step or paint a still life of a bowl of fruit on your table.  I never received and guidance for painting style or technique.  Style, technique, and spontaneous painting creativity are skills that I’ve always envied.

I once dated an artist that painted creatively straight from his head.  All of his paintings were connected in a way.  He had a definite style, motivating message, or obsession driving his pieces.  So one day I asked him how he came up with his paintings out of nothingness, where he got his inspiration.  He told me that he paints how he feels at that moment.  Now I have a new way of seeing how artists paint, they paint their emotions or experiences.  So that is what I will do for the next 365 days.  I will paint a new painting each day.  I hope that you are excited to see what I come up with!

June 01, 2011

I took an art class in graduate school and took a few Bottle and Brushes classes in Chicago where I painted several acrylic paintings.  However, I haven’t painted at home since 2001.  Everywhere that I’ve moved, I’ve packed and moved along one blank canvas, my oil paints, watercolors, varnish, and brush cleaner.  On May 31st I was charged up and ready to paint.  However, there is something that I forgot to pack…, my brushes.  I have no idea as to where my brushes are.  I suppose they are somewhere in my parents house.  Who knows?  So I had to buy new brushes at Blicks Art store after work the next day.  Well on the 29th, I stared and stared at the lone canvas that I saved for 10 years waiting for inspiration.  I stood in front of the canvas and saw my silhouette and a light shadow behind.  It reminded me of the footprints poem.  I was inspired.  The painting is in oil created with brushes on a 18″ x 24″ canvas.

"He Walks with Me"



June 2nd, 2011

I have no idea what to paint today.  I’m looking around and nothing awe-inspiring happened, but I see my dog.  I love my nervous-nilly Shi-Tzu dog.  That’s it, Eureka!  Looking at his cute faces fills me with warmth and love.  He is my inspiration for happiness in this moment.  So I will paint a picture of him.    Large canvases are expensive so I made the executive decision to make my painting on 2″ x 2″ mini canvases.  The following painting was created with a plastic palette knife with oil paint.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

"Little Applesauce: The Boss"



June 3rd,

I over indulged at the Maifest today, but I still have to  paint.  This picture is going to be  interesting I bet.  I don’t have the dexterity to paint anything with fine detail at the moment.  I feel fluid, so this picture will be fluid.  I feel like a fiery passionate rose, but a little sad and blue.   I will paint an interpretation of a rose in a deep blue background.  I think that communicates how I feel right
now.  The painting was created with a plastic palette knife with oil paint on a 2″x2″ mini canvas.



June 4th,

I don’t feel inspired in any way to paint today.  My old paint on my  palette from yesterday looks awesome like some cool piece of abstract art that you would see at the art museum.  I will try to recreate it.  The painting is in oil created with a plastic palette knife on a 2″x2″ mini canvas.



Okay the painting doesn’t look like my cool palette.   It actually looks like an abstract rendering
of Optimus Prime.   Oh well I tried.  I’m looking forward to better pictures

June 5th,

I keep having the recurring nightmare of losing a plane ticket, not being able to book a plane ticket, or missing a flight.  I looked up the dream and it means that I have anxiety over missing an opportunity.  I saw a road with bright colors on each side.  I feel like this is my anxiety over my upcoming job interview.  I don’t know if I should take  the new job or if I am actually qualified to do the job if I woo the interviewers and get the job.  I will paint these anxieties.  I will paint the road that leads to a place
unknown.  The painting is in oil using a plastic palette knife on a 2″x2″ mini canvas.

"Road to Anywhere"

June 6th,

Another uninspired day, with no strong feelings to paint about.  I don’t know how to paint or
communicate feeling go with the flow.  Well I will resort to painting a still life.  I was at the Gold Coast art fair today and there was this great painter that was painting still lifes of common things in the house like pieces of fruit, tools, etc…   I will do that.  I bought some Mullein extract from whole foods today.  It is important to me because it is supposed to be great for asthma and my asthma was horrible today.  When I made tea with the extract, I started to feel better within 30 minutes.  I will paint a still life of the bottle of my magic asthma healing extract next to the mason jar that I clean my brushes with.  The painting was created with oil paint using brushes on a 2″x2″ mini canvas.





June 7th,

I am suffering from extreme exhaustion and anxiety over this presentation and the marathon interviews at Syracuse University.   All I have is Syracuse U on the brain.  I will paint an orange.  It represents Syracuse University, my possible future.  The painting was created with oil paint and a plastic palette knife on a 2″x2″ mini canvas.

June 8th,

So many questions. So many question.  That’s how I feel.  That’s what I will paint today.  Confusion with inscribed question marks on top.  The painting was created with a plastic palette knife with oil paint on a 2″x2″ mini canvas.

June 9th,

I think that my interviews and presentation went horribly today.  I hope to calm myself down over
the interviews I’ve had today.  I will try to recreate the pallet knife technique picture of a marsh from my “How to Paint with a palette Knife” book.   The painting was created with a plastic palette knife with oil paint on a 2″x2″ mini canvas.

June 10th,

I am exhausted after my travels.  Not too inspired to paint.  I don’t know how to communicate exhaustion through a painting.  I need to perk up.  I have a lot of left over red paint on my palette that hasn’t dried out completely.  Red is energizing.  I will start with a red background and see what happens after making some black lines.  Maybe I will fill in the enclosures of the black lines with other colors.  Here goes.

Well I stopped with the black lines.  I looked at the painting and it looks like a poblano pepper.   I don’t want to go any further and mess up the picture.  This is so cool.  I didn’t plan to paint a pepper
but it just came out.

June 11th,

I saw a really cool picture at an art gallery in Andersonville with polka dots.  I tried to paint an apple tree with polka dots, but that didn’t workout.  So I guess that the picture just ended up as shades of white grey and black that form an apple tree.

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