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"Le Migrane"

Today it thunderstormed.  I get sinus/migraines whenever there are violent thunderstorms.  Lucky me!  I am a human barometer.  Whenever there is an atmospheric pressure change for a thunderstorm, my sinus cavities and surrounding nerves are squeezed, resulting in blurred vision, nausea, and severe pain.  I am in the practice of loading up on motrin and rubbing my face with peppermint oil (over my sinus cavities) whenever a storm is approaching ( I feel the pressure a day before the storm hits).  This eased the pain of the migraine, however I am always left with the nausea and blurred vision.  Enough of the explanation of my headaches and weather.  This is an oil painting of my headache today.  The red is the flame of my inflamed nerves  growing if I don’t take pain medicine in time.  The blue is the extinguishing effect of the ibuprofen dulling the headache.  The yellow is the partially extinguished migraine.

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