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Here are the paintings from the dates listed above.  I was sick for a few days, so I had to paint several paintings in one night to play catch-up.

This one is a watercolor inspired by a Kandinsky that I saw in an art book.  I think that I will try to repaint this one in oil.  The paintings below are two more watercolors that I painted because I was out of canvas to paint oil paintings on.

I later found a great deal on canvases at Michael’s Store.  I got a 7 pack of canvases for $19!  What a  deal.  The paintings below were either inspired by dreams brought on by my fever or inspired by television that I watched when I was resting in bed.

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I still  had smoke and flames on the brain so I painted this watercolor picture of a man with his head on fire.  I think that I will add some char to the neck.  It really doesn’t make any sense to have your head on fire with not charring on  the neck or smoke for that matter :).


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I know that I said that I was calling it quits on painting in watercolor.  However, I don’t have anymore canvas paper or canvases left for oil paintings.  Therefore I need to make another crack at painting in watercolor.  This morning when I woke up, I remembered having a colored smoke (like incense) forming the shape  of a person’s upper body.  It was almost like that of a genie forming from a genie lamp.  However, the person’s upper body was solid, but their head formed from colored smoke emanating from their neck.   I thought that it would make a good picture.

Later on today I went to Ham-bingo at Hamburger Mary’s restaurant in Andersonville for the first time.  The rainbow colors from the smoke in the figure from my dream reminded me of the rainbow colors in the pride flags at Hamburger Mary’s.  At that realization, I decided that I should go home and paint this picture since I wasn’t winning at Bingo after 5 straight games.  So here you go… Today’s picture is a watercolor painting on half a sheet of 8″x11″ paper.

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Today I saw an awesome photo in the Chicago reader of dancer in an advertisement for an upcoming performance for Thodos Dance Company. The dancer had amazing form and the garment that the dancer wore looked beautiful as it was floating suspended in the air.  You could feel the passion fo the dancer through the picture.  I thought that this photo would make an amazing watercolor painting and give me the opportunity to practice painting the human body at correct proportions.  Today’s picture is a watercolor of one of the Thodos Dance Chicago preformers.




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